Since I contacted to Mark I started working up a detail plan of my adventure.

Actually, it was with a casual try to contact to Mark at first, but while chatting with him I was becoming to image myself walking in Norway!
Mark encouraged me to walk St. Olav Ways and kindly sent a message to several people who are contributing to St. Olav Ways in Norway. The first person is Stein. He is a media editor and enthusiast of adventure and cooperating with six European pilgrim associations!
Pilgrims Crossing Borders 2015

He included message with another person Roger (Oslo Pilgrim Center) in an email to me, then one more person Roger’s colleague Lynn added… “The support team” was built up in a flash! Besides, Mark sent another email to someone very famous… Alison Raju!! She is a writer of English guidebook of St. Olav Ways.
The Pilgrim Road to Trondheim. Oslo to Nidaros Cathedral

Her email arrived in my inbox shortly.
At that time, she had just published her guidebook revised edition and told me her up-to-date information. Such wonderful people! and having incredibly much luck with relationships!!

“OK, now it’s time to begin!” Just like I did last time when I planned Camino de Santiago I first looked for flight ticket. I was watching seesawing airfares for a while and booked a return ticket to Oslo! I was filled with feeling excited when I clicked on “BOOKING”on the computer screen. FINALLY!!

マークは絶対St. Olav Waysを歩いたほうがいいよと強くすすめてきた。ノルウェーの夏はとても短くてそれも年によっては雨が多くて冷夏になることも。秋がすぐに始まって長い期間、雪と氷に閉ざされてしまう。St. Olav Waysを歩くなら夏だと。彼のメッセージはちからをもっていて、ノルウェーを歩くわたしを想像させた。さらに彼はノルウェーでSt. Olav Ways関連の仕事をしているひと達を次々にメールにCC。それぞれの人たちがそれぞれの情報と知識を与えてくれた。こうしてわたしのサポートチームはすぐにできあがった。まずステイン。彼はすでに仕事の方はリタイヤしていてリタイヤ後は他の欧州6カ国の協会とタイアップして、ローマとエルサレムを結ぶ巡礼路を活動の場としている。
Pilgrims Crossing Borders 2015

そして最後にメールに加わったのがアリソン。彼女はあまり知名度のないSt. Olav Waysの英語版のガイドブックを書いた作者。ノルウェー語とドイツ語以外にはガイドブックは出版されていないため、ほとんどのpilgrimsはこのガイドブックを頼りに歩いている。
The Pilgrim Road to Trondheim. Oslo to Nidaros Cathedral



My itinerary of The Gudbrandsdalen Path


The Gudbrandsdalen path- the longest pilgrim route in Norway

Day 1 (18.7km) Oslo to Bekkestua
Day 2 (30km) Bekkestua to Sundvollen
Day 3 (21km) Sundvollen to Bjørke Gård
Day 4 (20km) Bjørke Gård to Javnaker
Day 5 -Rest day-
Day 6 (23km) Javnaker to Tingelstad
Day 7 (30km) Tingelstad to Holthe Gård
Day 8 (14km) Holthe Gård to Hoff
Day 9 (23km) Hoff to Gjøvik
Day 10/ Day 11 -Rest day-
Day 12 Onboard Skibladner Gjøvik to Hamar
Day 13 (14km) Hamar to Veldre Kirke
Day 14 (11.1km) Veldre Kirke to Ringsaker Kirke
Day 15 (26km) Ringsaker Kirke to Johannesgården
Day 16 (13.2km) Johannesgården to Lillehammer
Day 17 (24.3km) Lillehammer to Skåden gard
Day 18 (18.4km) Skåden gard to Mageli camping
Day 19 (19.6km) Mageli camping to Ringebu
Day 20 (20.7km) Ringebu to Sygard Grytting
Day 21 (22km) Sygard Grytting to Kvam
Day 22 (20.3km) Kvam to Otta
Day 23 (25.3km) Otta to Dovreskogen
Day 24 -Rest day-
Day 25 (14.7km) Dovreskogen to Budsjord
Day 26 (21.3km) Budsjord to Furuhaugli Turisthytter
Day 27 (16km) Furuhaugli Turisthytter to Hjerkinn
Day 28 -Rest day-
Day 29 (11.8km) Hjerkinn to Kongsvoll
Day 30 (21km) Kongsvoll to Ryphusan
Day 31 (15km) Ryphusan to Smegarden camping
Day 32 (16km) Smegarden camping to Halsetløkka Oppdal camping
Day 33 (20km) Halsetløkka Oppdal camping to Hæverstølen
Day 34 (18km) Hæverstølen to Meslo Herberge
Day 35 (22km) Meslo Herberge to Segard Hoel
Day 36 (15km) Segard Hoel to Skogheim herberge
Day 37 (14km) Skogheim herberge to Gumdal Gård
Day 38 (18km) Gumdal Gård to Skaun
Day 39 (18km) Skaun to Sundet Gård
Day 40 (20.9km) Sundet Gård to Nidaros

Came across an article

I started search the webpages for Camino de Santiago as I felt a powerful urge to walk this summer again. Yes, I walked Camino Frances 2 years ago and Camino Norte last year. The wonderful experiences differed from any other travels which I’ve ever had.

In early summer, I had a relapse of symptoms of Camino addiction and visited to online Camino Forum sometimes. I was looking forward to walk Via de la Plata this year but my motivation was discouraged to find that walking long distance in summer in southern Spain is suisidal way.. If I really wanted to walk I needed to start walk in the dark before sunrise which means that I would miss all beautiful scenery and encountering local people. No, it’s waste of money and time. When I was almost giving up I came across an article which titled “Anybody knows any other Camino in the world?” or something like that. It kept me completely riveted and found a blog of St. Olav Ways as if on cue.
The Pilgrim Sly Treks Norway

Just as I read the blog I wanted to contact to Mark in the US. Beautiful photos and interesting stories of his way to Nidaros. I had no idea regarding pilgrimage in Norway and asked so many questions to him. He kindly replied to me and answered to every single question. If I recall, meeting with him was the greatest gift from the god and helped my St. Olav Ways complete.

2年前と去年、続けてCamino de Santiagoを歩いたわたし。
歩きたくなる衝動を抑えきれず夏が始まる前に情報収集を始めることに。今度はVia de la Plataを歩こうと考えたけれど南スペインのうだるような暑さを想像し今年はあきらめようと。でもやっぱりこのCamino症候群はじわじわとわたしのこころをむしばんで、やはりどこかを歩きたい…コンピューター画面をみるたびにどこか歩く場所を無意識に探させる。しかし照りつける太陽のもと歩く自信はこれっぽっちもなく、 かといって過去に歩いた道を再度歩く気にもならず。たかだか道を歩くというだけのことで八方ふさがりを感じるわたし。

そんなときCaminoフォーラムを読んでいたら、スペインのCaminoではないほかの道を探しているという記事に出くわし、そこで目に飛び込んできたのがノルウェーのSt. Olav Ways。ここでわたしのきもちはほぼかたまっていたのかもしれない。ノルウェーの森を歩く?北欧のほんの短い夏をひとりで歩く?

The Pilgrim Sly Treks Norway
彼は2009年にこの道を歩きその体験をブログにつづっていた。美しい写真の数々とスペインとは少しちがう印象の巡礼路。ほかにガイドブックなどの情報がないわたしは彼にコンタクトをとることに。いちばん心配だった宿泊場所について、物価は高いと知っていたけれど道中の予算について、安全について…etc。そんな突然のメールとわたしの質問に親切に返信してくれたマーク。彼とのこの出会いがわたしのSt. Olav Waysのはじまりで、まさにこの巡礼路を完歩することができた神様からの最大のおくりものだった。